Nano Tungsten Trioxide in NCM Battery

Nano Tungsten Trioxide Photo

The NCM material is a common name for lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide (LiNixCoyMn1-x-y02), which has a structure very similar to lithium cobalt oxide. This material can be balanced and regulated in terms of specific energy, cyclability, safety and cost. The different configurations of the three elements of nickel, cobalt and manganese will bring different properties to the material: an increase in nickel content will increase the capacity of the material, but will make the cycle performance worse; the presence of cobalt can make the material structure more stable, but too high content will reduce the capacity; the presence of manganese can reduce costs and improve safety performance, but too high content will destroy the layered structure of the material. Therefore, finding the proportional relationship between the three materials to achieve the optimization of comprehensive performance is the focus of the research and development of ternary materials. Common ratios include NCMIII, 523, 622, 811, etc.

Adding nano-tungsten trioxide to the NCM battery material can not only increase the capacity of the material, but also improve the cycle performance and stability, thereby improving the safety performance of the battery.

NCM Battery SEM Photo