Tungsten Oxide Inspection Equipment

Laser Particle Size Analyzer Picture

Laser particle size analyzer is used for testing the particle size distribution for tungsten oxide. The size range from 0.1~1000 micron, the acuracy is better than 1%, repeatability is better than 1%, voltage is 220+/-2V.

Specific Surface Area Analyzer Picture

Specific surface area analyzer is used for testing the BET of tungsten oxide, the analysis of gas is He and N2, gas pressure is 0.1MPa~0.15MPa, repeatability RSD < 2%.

Scanning Electron Microscope Picture

Scanning electron microscope is used for filming the appearance of tungsten oxide, The magnification is 6x~1000000x, acceleration voltage is 0.1kV~30kV. The picture pixels is 6144x4096 (maximum), can be saved in TIFF, BMP, JPEG format. The sample size shall have diameter < =122mm, height < = 85mm. The resolution is 3.0nm by 30kV. The vacuum system is a molecular turbine pump + a mechanical pump. THe vacuum degree is minimum 1x10-5Pa.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Picture

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer is used for the determination of impurity elements test of tungsten oxide. The main parameters are: the wavelength range is 190~800nm, the wavelength accuracy is < = +/-0.2nm. The deuterium lamp, selp absorption of double background correction is >50 times. The limit of detection is < = 1.0x10-12g, RSD: < = 2%. The wavelength repeatability is all band < = +/-0.1nm. The resolution is better than 0.3nm.