Tungsten Oxide Video

Tungsten Trioxide Smart Window

Tungsten trioxide smart window has become popular in recent year. Electrochromic thin film can be used in smart window, display of large surface, high contrast ratio, high definition and no angle difference of view, light adjusting of car mirrors.

Tungsten Trioxide Target

Tungsten trioxide target is often used as the evaporation material of WO3 thin film. Producing process of tungsten trioxide target adopting electric ceramic, process is ball milling, compression moulding and calcination.

Tungsten Trioxide and Calcium Hydroxide Reaction

Tungsten oxide is yellow powder with stable chemical property and anti acid ability. It can be dissolved in alkali solution such as NaOH, KOH, Ca(OH)2 which will become tungstate.

Tungsten Trioxide Catalyst

Tungsten trioxide catalyst such as hydrogen desulfurization catalyst, SCR denitration catalyst, photocatalyst are widely used in different area. Tungsten trioxide is a kind of important semiconductor material, it has catalytic property.

Tungsten Trioxide Hydrogen Reduction

Tungsten trioxide hydrogen reduction is one of the producing methods of tungsten powder. The process is firstly reducing tungsten trioxide to tungstesn dioxide under 500~700℃. Secondly, reducing tungsten dioxide to tungsten powder under 700~900℃.

Tungsten Oxide Photocatalyst

Tungsten oxide photocatalyst is a kind of light irradiation, it can not afford to change itself, and it can promote chemical reactions. Photocatalyst is naturally energy by converted into chemical to act as a catalyst, so that oxygen and water molecules around can excite into highly oxidizing power of the free ions.

Nano Tungsten Trioxide Property

Nano tungsten trioxide has grain size less than 100nm, it has property of larger specific surface area and has outstanding surface effect.

Difference Between White Tungstic Acid and Yellow Tungstic Acid

White tungstic acid and yellow tungstic acid difference mainly embodies in their appearance, white tungstic is white powder with white microcrystalline structure, yellow tungstic acid is the most common seen tungstic acid, color is light yellow and is in powder form.

Tungsten Trioxide Produced by Hydrothermal Method

Hydrothermal method means in sealed reaction tank such as autoclave, using water solution as reacting system, by heating and adding pressure to create a relative high temperature and high pressure environment. It will let insoluble or soluble material dissolves and recrystallization to process in organic synthesis and material.

Tungstic Acid Producing Method

Tungstic acid producing method is mainly use tungsten concentrate soda pressing method.

Sodium Tungstate Hydrothermal Synthesis Tungsten Trioxide

Sodium tungstate hydrothermal synthesis tungsten trioxide uses sodium tungstate solution as raw material, reacts in reaction still, by thermal synthesis method to synthesize tungsten trioxide, it belongs to inorganic synthesis chemical technical field.

Sodium Tungstate Applications

Sodium tungstate is mainly used to produce ammonium paratungstate, tungsten trioxide, tungsten carbide, etc..

What Is Tungstic Acid?

Tungstic acid is the generic term of all kinds of hydrates of tungsten oxide, polymer compound which formed by the combination of tungsten trioxide and then united with water at different ratios and formations.

What Is Violet Tungsten Oxide?

Violet tungsten oxide is short for VTO, can be produced by calcinating, decomposing, reducing ammonium paratungstate.

What Is Blue Tungsten Oxide?

Blue tungsten oxide is one of the most important raw materials for the manufacture of tungsten powder.

What Is Yellow Tungsten Oxide?

Yellow tungsten oxide is oxidized material of tungsten, appearance is yellow or yellow green powder. It is important raw material of tungsten powder, tungsten carbide products, tungsten metal products. It is widely used in smart window due to its photochromism and electrochromism property.

Nano Tungsten Trioxide

Nano tungsten trioxide has a large specific surface area and significant surface effect.